How to get the most value out of our meeting app

In this guide we would like to give you some hints and tips on where you likely could make the most value of the meeting app.

Option 1. Why not invite to a webinar on social media or via a link on your website. With that link in hand the user can join your meeting in less than 1 minute. At the same time joiners will be asked for their e-mail address and name that you will be sent from us so you know who joined. This is completely free, it is quick and there are no limitations for number of users.

Option 2 Training, use the meeting tool for internally and externally training, Training Projects, Ad-hoc Training Days, make you staff fully updated, train other user’s, secure solution with password id.

Option 3 Meetings, have your next meeting with your new Partner, Client, share the screen between different users, VoIP, Chat, no echo no matter how many users there are using the meeting app. You can join the meeting wherever you go.

Option 4 mute other users, the value is that you can have the full control over when they’re can talk so you not getting interrupted, full concentration for your meetings.

Option 5 Build better and stronger relationship’s, for your clients, partner, consultant, invite new clients with the meeting app for multiple users.

To get started we have created a simple user guide below that will take you through the options step by step.

How to invite people to the meeting.
Step 1.  Add by email or Add by contact list.
Step 2. Host meeting or schedule meeting use date and time

pic 1

How to see your schedule meeting.
Step 1. You will receive an email for the date and time, you can also use the link if you should invite more people for the meeting.
Step 2. The people you have invited will also receive an email with a date and time, link to download the App.

pic 2


How to login after you downloaded the App.
Step 1 find you meeting id from the invitation email you received.
Step 2 Name, email, meeting id, Join meeting.

pic 3


How the meeting tool works.
Step 1 use VoIP, screen sharing between users, chat, mute users.
Step 2 There will be no Echo no matter how many users there are using the meeting.

pic 4

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