How to get the most value out of our mobile app

In this guide we would like to introduce you to our proudly newly developed mobile app  for 1to1Desk. Below we will take you through where you likely could make the most value of this mobile app.

The 1to1Desk mobile app has been released for Android and will in Q1 be released for Apple phones as well.

Feature 1 Now you have the option to use the mobile phone, you can see if an issue has been created either from your internal department or from a client

Feature 2 The issue management system also enables the collection of historic communication which can be used to improve your internal or external team delivery as a whole.

Feature 3 You can see who is currently online, away or busy with your contact list and start chatting with them to sort out any related issues.

Feature 4 With direct access to all company issues both new and existing you can keep on top of where your priorities should be. Are there any critical issues you need to look at while out of office?

To get started we have created a simple user guide below that will take you through the options step by step.

How to use the mobile app

Go to your play store and search for 1to1desk.
Download the application 1to1desk and install it on your phone
use the same username and password for your consultant/Client account.
From here you can see your internal department, see who’s online and offline. Click on the name to use the chat feature.
From here you can see your external client see who’s online and offline. Click on the name to use the chat feature.
Here you can use the chat funktion between your own department and client.
Here you can manage all your issues, ticket numbers, set them to resolved, or In process, and see the ticket you have created yourself.
The issue management system allows you to see issues that have been created, are in process, on-hold, resolved or escalated to your Partner.
From the Mobile issue management you can add a note to the ticket by clicking ‘Update Ticket’ – This will also update with any changes you’ve made to the ticket’s status, subject, etc.

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